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Vegas and Surroundings

Getting Around In the City 


As you can see from the maps attached, the two main highways running to and through Las Vegas, Highway 95 and I-15, meet at an “X” in the center of the city – known as the Spaghetti Bowl.  During ordinary circumstances that intersection allows for convenient travel to the various areas served by those two highways. However, that part of the city is subject to a large construction project which does constrict traffic flows; that project will still be ongoing in April, 2018. Use of the 215 beltway is recommended for travel across the

north, west and south sides of the city. Access to downtown and strip areas from east/west roads would be preferred to using the Spaghetti Bowl and sections of Highway 95 and I-15 leading to it, particularly during morning and evening busy times.



Some Interesting Places In The Area


Ash Meadows: (which we might see on Field Trip 4) about 1½ hours from Las Vegas at the edge of Death Valley. Interesting ecologically, with a good Visitor Center. The home of the endangered Devil’s Hole pupfish.


Valley of Fire State Park: also about 1½ hours from Las Vegas. The park (with entrance fee) is in an area of interesting landforms. Petroglyphs may be seen here. It has many hiking trails and a visitor center.  


The Springs Preserve: a private attraction with entrance fee in the downtown Las Vegas area. It has an excellent array of penstemons in

the display garden including, at last count P. baccharifolius (not in bloom in late April), P. bicolor subsp. bicolor, P. bicolor subsp. roseus, P. eatonii var. eatonii, P. fendleri, P. fruticiformis var. amargosae (grown out from collected seed by Doyle Wayman), P. palmeri, P. parryi, and P. superbus.  Lunch is available in the Divine Café at Springs Preserve.


Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area: (which we will see on Field Trip 2) has a scenic loop drive through the lower part of the

area and some excellent hikes ranging from short and easy to longer and more challenging. This is also a fee area. Charleston Peak: (referred to locally as Mt. Charleston) offers road access to elevations of about 8,000 feet, many hiking trails, and a restaurant/lodge at the end of Highway 157 (Kyle Canyon Road).


Hoover Dam: a popular destination for visitors to our area, both to see the dam and the Mike O’Callahan and Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge.  Desert Mountain sheep may often be seen in the vicinity of the dam. Tours of the dam are available for a fee.


Death Valley: it is a good time of year to seecDeath Valley and its many interesting views and attractions.

China Ranch Date Farm: near Tecopa (along the Old Spanish Trail road, called Tecopa Highway on the NV side, which leads to Death

Valley) is a worthwhile stop on the way to or from Death Valley.

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Annual Meeting, June 2-5, 2017

Uintah Conference Center, 313 E 200 S, Vernal, Utah, 435/ 789-8001


An updated schedule will be available on the American Penstemon Society (http://penstemons.org) and Utah Native Plant Society (http://www.unps.org) web sites ahead of the meeting.

The meeting is open to members of the Utah Native Plant Society and the American Penstemon Society (and family).  Registration will be closed on May 24th!!


Friday, June 2, Uintah Conference Center (address above)

Noon – 5 pm   Registration at the reception desk by the doors in the south lobby.  Registration materials will include an updated schedule, detailed information about field trips, a key to the penstemons of the area, and information about the field trip leaders and banquet speakers + a baseball cap + Field Trip Sign-up + Waiver of Liability + packet of information from Uintah County Travel & Tourism with area attractions and list of Vernal restaurants

2–4 pm          APS Board Meeting, Split Mt. rooms 1&2, main floor of the Conference Center

4–5 pm         Poster presentation on the relationships of the presently described varieties of the Penstemon scariosus complex, including geographical maps of the distribution of morphological characters and molecular relationships across the region; Mikel Stevens, Robert Johnson, Andi Wolfe, Rosa Rodriguez Pena, and Jason Stettler; Mezzanine, second floor of the Conference Center

5–6 pm        Get-acquainted Social, appetizers and soft drinks, Mezzanine, second floor of the Conference Center

6–9 pm         Dinner, Paradise room, second floor of the Conference Center   
                    Catered by Smoke n’ Pots, Dutch Oven Catering, Roosevelt, Rick and Mary Stewart

                    Welcome and Field Trip Announcements

                    Speaker: Sherel Goodrich, “Uinta Basin Endemics”


Saturday, June 3

7 am            Meet in parking lot of Uintah Conference Center for field trips
                   Field trip leaders: Sherel Goodrich, Noel Holmgren, Lisa Boyd, Bill Gray, Allen Huber, Robert Johnson, Matt Lewis, Wayne Padgett, Leila Shultz, Jim Spencer, Mike Stevens; Joan Degiorgio at The Nature Conservancy’s Flowers Penstemon Preserve

7am–4:30pm Field trips 1 and 2, west and east of Vernal

5–6 pm          Social, appetizers and soft drinks, Mezzanine, second floor of the Conference Center

6–9 pm          Dinner, Paradise room, second floor of the Conference Center

                        Catered by Smoke n’ Pots, Dutch Oven Catering, Roosevelt, Rick and Mary Stewart

                        APS general membership meeting

                        Speaker: Robert Johnson, “Relating to Native Plants in Wildscapes and Landscapes: Rhymes and Reasons”


Sunday, June 4

7 am                Meet in parking lot of Uintah Conference Center for field trips

7am–4:30pm    Field trips 1 and 2, west and east of Vernal (repeat of June 3 trips)

                       No evening activities planned.  A list of Vernal restaurants and breweries will be included in your registration packet.


Monday, June 5

7 am                Meet in parking lot of Uintah Conference Center for Field trip 3, north of Vernal

                       Trip will end north of Vernal, probably near Manila, Utah

Accommodations and Camping


There are 40 rooms in the motel in Bonnie Springs Ranch, which are being held for us. The telephone number to make a reservation there is 702 875-4191. Tell them, when you call, that you are with the APS group.  If the motel is full when you go to book your trip, of if you prefer to stay elsewhere, you will find getting to the starting points for the field trips to be uncomplicated no matter where your accommodation is located. As mentioned above we will be meeting at a convenient parking area outside the city on the way to each field trip destination, so you don’t have to be concerned about driving first to Bonnie Springs Ranch from your accommodation location before heading off to the field trip.  Other than the holding of rooms for our group at the Bonnie Springs Ranch Motel, no arrangements have been made elsewhere for our members.

Las Vegas hospitality properties have a very low vacancy rate in the spring, so there is no reason for them to discount rooms for us without a substantial occupancy guarantee - which would limit registrants’ choice and expose APS to financial risk. There are many accommodation choices in various parts of the city for those not staying at the venue motel so registrants can make their own selection to suit their circumstances and preferences.  Much of the accommodation in Las Vegas is provided by the casino hotels, whether neighborhood casinos, in the downtown (Fremont Street area) or on the strip. All or almost all the casino/hotel facilities in Las Vegas allow smoking on the casino floor. So, although you can get a non-smoking accommodation room, many people are bothered by the smell of cigarette smoke in the entryways and some of the main floor food facilities in the casino properties. An online search for “hotels in Las Vegas NV with a smoke-free policy” may turn up some options for you in order to avoid the smell of smoke.  


The nearest casino accommodation to Bonnie Springs is Red Rock Casino Resort. It is about 11 miles east of Bonnie Springs, right at the junction of the 215 Beltway and Charleston Blvd. The telephone number is 702 797-7777 and this property often will offer a discount for online booking.  It is conveniently situated for all the scheduled activities we have planned.  There are other neighborhood casinos conveniently located;

Santa Fe Station is one on highway 95 at Rancho Drive, not far from the 215 Beltway.

Motel chains have a presence here as wellsuch as Best Western, Ramada, Travelodge,Motel 6 and others. Because of the number of casino resorts, there isn’t the variety you might find in other cities of similar size. An online search of companies you may prefer will show locations and rates.


If you wish to camp, there are excellent desert camping facilities located a few miles east of Bonnie Springs, just off highway 159 on Moenkopi Road at Red Rock Canyon Campground. It accommodates tent campers and RV’s. There are both group and individual sites. Other camping alternatives are on Mt. Charleston. These are at about the 6,000 foot. elevation level on Highway 157 (Kyle Canyon Road), also at the 7,500 foot elevation level on Highway 156 (Lee Canyon Road) and as well along Highway 158 (which connects

 Highways 156 and 157 at about the 6,000 foot elevation level).


The American Penstemon Society is dedicated to the advancement of knowledge about penstemons, their introduction into cultivation, and the development of new and improved cultivars. The Society was formed in 1946 by a group of gardeners who had been collecting and growing penstemons in many different parts of the country. Their original purpose is continued today:

  • to grow and study all of the species possible
  • to promote the use and enjoyment of penstemons in gardens
  • to study penstemons in the wild
  • to aid in the identification of penstemons.
  • to acquaint penstemon enthusiasts with each other.
  • to aid in protection of endangered penstemon species.

Members of the American Penstemon Society are also active in hybridizing and selecting superior forms for gardens. If you love penstemons, do join us!



The American Penstemon Society is a 501(c)3 entity and donations are tax deductible. 

All donations are specifically earmarked for the APS Special Projects Program. The purpose of the APS Special Projects Program is to stimulate activities that promote knowledge and appreciation of Penstemons. The Society is particularly interested in funding projects that:

1) Promote conservation of Penstemon species in the wild, especially rare or sensitive ones, through understanding of factors that affect their survival, or

2) Promote appreciation for the diversity and beauty of Penstemons in wild and domestic landscapes, through horticultural research, dissemination of information of interest to gardeners, or the construction or enhancement of educational display gardens.

The American Penstemon Society thanks you for your donation!  You will receive an email confirmation if you donate online.  Save that confirmation for your tax statement.