The American Penstemon Society is dedicated to the advancement of knowledge about penstemons, their introduction into cultivation, and the development of new and improved cultivars. The Society was formed in 1946 by a group of gardeners who had been collecting and growing penstemons in many different parts of the country. Their original purpose is continued today:

  • to grow and study all of the species possible
  • to promote the use and enjoyment of penstemons in gardens
  • to study penstemons in the wild
  • to aid in the identification of penstemons.
  • to acquaint penstemon enthusiasts with each other.
  • to aid in protection of endangered penstemon species.

Members of the American Penstemon Society are also active in hybridizing and selecting superior forms for gardens. If you love penstemons, do join us!



The American Penstemon Society is a 501(c)3 entity and donations are tax deductible. 

All donations are specifically earmarked for the APS Special Projects Program. The purpose of the APS Outreach Grants Program is to stimulate activities that promote knowledge and appreciation of Penstemons. The Society is particularly interested in funding projects that:

1) Promote conservation of Penstemon species in the wild, especially rare or sensitive ones, through understanding of factors that affect their survival, or

2) Promote appreciation for the diversity and beauty of Penstemons in wild and domestic landscapes, through horticultural research, dissemination of information of interest to gardeners, or the construction or enhancement of educational display gardens.

The American Penstemon Society thanks you for your donation!  You will receive an email confirmation if you donate online.  Save that confirmation for your tax statement.




2020-2021 APS Board of Directors

President - Andi Wolfe

Vice-President - Randy Tatroe

Treasurer - Lupita Wesseler

Secretary - Cindy Reed

Membership Chair - Beth Corbin

Rick Wesseler - SeedEx

Newsletter - Ginny Maffitt

Newsletter - Martha Dibblee

Bulletins - Stephen Love

Member at Large - Mikel Stevens

Member at Large - Bob Pennington

Web Admin - Hugh Mac Millan

Web Admin - Matt Robbins

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