American Penstemon Society Annual Meeting 2023

To: American Penstemon Society Members

Subject: Important Letter from APS President Andi Wolfe


Dear American Penstemon Society Members,

The board met on 6/29/23 and, after much discussion, decided to postpone our annual meeting in the Blue Mountains until 2024. Our primary reason for doing this is that the peak flowering for penstemons this year has been this week and last. By the time we meet in July, penstemons will be in seed.

Everyone who has registered for the annual meeting will receive a full refund via the mechanism used for payment. If you have any questions about the disbursement of refunds, please contact our Treasurer, Lupita Wessler (historical contact info removed). 

Our 2024 meeting will take place in the Blue Mountains June 21-24, which should put us in the peak of the season. Walter Fertig and Nan Vance have been scouting routes and will have a write-up for the next newsletter. We will have information about registration and housing later this year and more details will be available on the website.

For this year, we would like to have a Members meeting via Zoom. This will take place Saturday, July 22nd at 5 P.M. Pacific time zone. The link for the zoom call will be sent to all members the day before. If you have topics you would like to have discussed, please email them to me at (historical contact info removed).

We also are actively seeking nominations for President of the Society. My term ends this year. Please send nominations to (historical contact info removed).

I look forward to seeing many of you on our Zoom call July 22nd.

Andi Wolfe

President, American Penstemon Society.


The zoom call was recorded and will be uploaded to YouTube the Society's YouTube channel soon.