Cultivation References

Botanical Keys Used for Identification of Penstemon Species

About using keys

  1. Unlocking the Botanical Key: A Brief Overview
    1. Written for those who are just learning to use a botanical key.
  2. Practice using the New Mexico Key
    1. Designed to help the beginner to work through the basic elements of a key.
  3. How to use a key
    1. A more detailed explanation, but still for those just learning.

Botanical keys

  1. Key to Penstemon in New Mexico
    1. Not for the beginner
  2.   A sample from: Key to the Genus Penstemon and its related Genera in the Tribe Cheloneae (Scrophulariaceae)
    1. Give this one a try if you are past the beginner stage.
    2. The entire key will eventually be available on this website.
  3. Key to Northwest Penstemons (User friendly)
  4. Penstemons of the San Gabriel Mountains (User friendly)


Cultivation of penstemons within some of the larger classifications

Section Cristati

  1. Cristati Penstemons

Subgenus Dasanthera

  1. Culture of the Shrubby Penstemons
  2. Dasanthera Cultivars and Hybrids
  3. Dasanthera: Notes from the Editor
  4. Dasanthera Reminiscences