This section provides material for gardeners who are interested in learning the basics of growing penstemons.

Before you begin to grow your penstemons, here are a few things to think about:

  • Plan where you want to display your penstemons.
  • Consider what soil and sites you have and whether you will have to amend the soil or build up the area with better soil or sand and gravel to give penstemons the good aeration and drainage most require.
  • Think about how much care you want to give them. One of the best things about penstemons is their low care requirement.
  • Generally it is best to start with plants that are widely available in nurseries or from the list offered on this website: Some Penstemons Suggested for Beginners by Region (more).
  • Begin thinking about how much fun it would be to raise plants from seed. (more)

Don't be afraid to experiment, since penstemons are frequently more adaptable than would be expected based on native habitat! The cultural limits of most species and varieties have not been determined and you may have micro-climates or soil conditions that will make it possible for you to grow many more than you would expect. See the articles below to browse a 'growing' topic.