Some Penstemons Suggested for Beginners by Region
from Appendix 1
Lindgren, Dale and Wilde, Ellen. 2003. Growing Penstemons: Species, Cultivars and Hybrids: American Penstemon Society. 519 West Lancaster Avenue, Haverford, PA 19041-1413: pp. 105-110.

Northeastern USSoutheastern USDesert SW US
P. albertinus P. calycosus P. ambiguus
P. barbatus P. canescens P. barbatus
P. digitalis P. digitalis P. cardinalis
P. hirsutus P. smallii P. eatonii
P. ovatus P. multiflorus P. linarioides
P. smallii P. pallidus P. palmeri
P. serrulatus P. tenuis P. pseudospectabilis
  P. tubaeflorus P. parryi
    P. secundiflorus
Great Lakes, Ohio Valley, SE CanadaSouth Central USNW Coast, U.S. and SW Coast, Canada
P. albertinus P. cobaea P. albertinus
P. barbatus P. digitalis P. attenuatus
P. digitalis P. laxiflorus P. canescens
P. hirsutus P. murrayanus P. digitalis
P. ovatus P. tenuis P. heterophyllus
P. smallii P. triflorus P. ovatus
P. strictus P. tubaeflorus P. pallidus
P. virens   P. serrulatus
Species from subsection Proceri   P. tenuis
    Species from subsection Proceri and subgenus Dasanthera
Central US, Central Canada  
P. angustifolius    
P. cobaea    
P. glaber    
P. grandiflorus    
P. mensarum    
P. nitidus    
P. secundiflorus    
P. strictus    
P. teucroides    
P. tubaeflorus    
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